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A Week in the Shop

5 May 2023 - delfinen, emily hopkins, harp, hästen, jigs, routing, templates, verkstaden

A quick review of all the in-progress guitar builds, a bunch of progress on the offset build, putting an excessively complicated jig to use, and finally some fun facts about harps.


Three work in progress guitars sit on a workbench, each a body with a neck beside it. All are raw wood and unfinished. The left body has pickup cavities and a neck pocket cut, and the neck is just roughly shaped with a template on top. The middle one is the most complete, with the neck fretted and all the body holes cut. The right body has only a neck pocket but no other holes init, but the neck is fretted and otherwise complete.

Getting back to the Shop

16 Jan 2023 - älgen, delfin, jigs, laser cutting

Getting back into the workshop after a brief hiatus, and starting out with finding a great new way to radius my fretboards.


The rear body of the guitar on a carpet mat on a workbench, showing the copper covered inside of the electronics cavity. To the side you can see a scalpel and bits of tape, and on the body to one side you can see the translucent orange acrylic cover for the cavity that will let the shiny copper inside be visible once the cover is on.

A Week in and out the Shop

19 Sep 2022 - 3d printing, ferrules, fusion 360, jigs, laser cutting, patching, templates

A week of having more questions than answers as try to push the Delfin build forward.


A week in the shop

15 May 2022 - älgen, delfin, fusion 360, jigs, laser cutting, templates

Dealing with 3D print shrinkage; looking at the tiny design details users will never see; how a damaged guitar body leads to a better design; and just what makes a guitar a Michael Dales guitar?


A return to the shop

2 May 2022 - 3D printing, älgen, fusion 360, jigs, laser cutting, palm router, templates

After a hiatus due to reasons, I'm finally getting time back in the workshop. This week mostly redesigning my tooling after some initial setbacks on my hybrid guitar.


A week in the shop

15 Jan 2022 - 3d printing, älgen, cnc routing, fusion 360, jigs, laser cutting, templates

After months of being just a CAD model, my Älgen guitar design finally begins to take form!


Älgen progress update

23 Nov 2021 - 3d printing, älgen, fusion 360, jigs

Progress for my new guitar design: testing how to mount 3D prints on wood, and making a start on shaping the walnut that I'll use for the main body.


Updates on my Älgen guitar design

4 Oct 2021 - 3d printing, älgen, dying, jigs, nylon, templates

Updates on my Älgen guitar design: getting some actual wood, experiments in dying 3D prints, and designing some hopefully correctly complicated jigs.