Setup & Repairs

19 Feb 2019

Setup & Repairs

We love all guitars, not just the ones we make. Whilst we all get pleasure out of a new instrument, sometimes all it takes to get your inspiration back is to give your current guitar some tender loving care, and we’re very happy to help make that happen.

What kind of things can we do for you? Here’s some things you might consider having done to your current guitar.

Basic setups

Have you changed your string gauge recently, but are nervous about doing your own truss rod adjustments to match? Do you need the intonation setup correct on the bridge? Need your pickup heights adjusted?

We’ll happily do basic setup on your electric guitar for £30.

Cleaning and setup

We can strip down and clean your guitar, make sure things like tuners are lubricated, and check everything is setup nicely as well for £50.

Electronics repair

Does your guitar have a loose input jack that needs re-soldering? Is there a loose wire inside somewhere? Does it hum and crackle when you touch the strings indicating a ground connection needs repair? Do the volume and tone controls crackle loudly?

We can investigate all these for £50 plus any parts.

New pickups install

A great way to level up an older electric guitar, be it a cheap guitar that is ready to move to the next level or simply a guitar that hasn’t kept up with your evolving musical tastes, is to replace the pickups.

If you have already found the new pickups for you we can install them (along with any other wiring changes required, like coil tapping volume/tone controls), or we can help find a new set to suit your tone.

Installation is £50 plus parts.

Parts refresh

Perhaps you would like locking tuners added to your guitar? A new scratch plate fitted, or a custom plate made with your band name or logo etched in?

Price subject to particular part, get in touch for a quote.

General repairs

We can also look at more advanced repair work: if you have a damaged guitar we’ll happily do an assessment to see if we can fix it for you, or guide you in the right direction if we can’t do the work ourselves.