10 Feb 2018

Welcome to Electric Flapjack Guitars!

We build custom guitars in Cambridge, UK, to order for people like you, using a combination of traditional methods and modern small scale digital manufacturing. We will talk to you, and together work out how to get a guitar that delivers the sound you want within the budget you have: from a fully custom hand built guitar, to a mix of off the shelf parts tailored for you needs, and everywhere in between.


EF Guitars was started with three main principles:

First, and most important, is the pursuit of a sound that suits the player, ensuring the instrument matches the style of the musician, rather than the musician compromising to the instrument. An instrument is a means of expression, and EF was started to ensure that the tone of the guitar provides both the style of sound, plus a versitility to be useful in multiple situations.

The second principle behind Electric Flapjack is the pursuit of learning. Looking for new sounds is just part of that, but also looking at how can we build guitars in a traditional fashion whilst at the same time taking advantage of new manufacturing techniques such as laser cutters and 3D printers. EF is proud to be based in the Cambridge Makespace community workshop that is buzzing with new ideas on how to build things and absorbing that into how we build guitars.

Finally, the third principle is that a we want our guitars to feel and look as good as they play. As much as the sound is important, the guitar makes a statement for the guitarist before they even strike a note when the audience first sees it. We want that statement to match the quality of the tone.


If you know what it is you want, drop us a line. We don’t have off the shelf guitars, but if you need inspiration, look at our collection of what we’ve built before.

Michael Dales
Founder, Luthier

I started on the path to being a luthier by accident: I had an existing guitar that I loved, but didn’t quite have the sound I wanted for the music I play. Instead of changing it, I started out simple by building a new guitar (which I now play daily) from parts and tweaking them to suit what I wanted. From there, I was inspired to learn how to build more of the guitar myself, and each guitar I see not just as an instrument but a chance for me to learn something new or invent a new technique that reflects the combination of a love of traditional luthiery and modern digital small scale maufacturing techniques. I hope this site will not just show case the guitars, but provide a source of information for other luthiers just as I’ve learned from others in the past.