I've learned a lot from other guitar builders over the years, and so this blog is a way for me to share my own build experiences and hopefully let others learn from my success and mistakes!

End of year wrap up

23 Dec 2021 - 3d printing, älgen, fusion 360, generative design, shapeways, the corvette

An end of year catchup: The Corvette guitar ships out, and the Älgen guitar hits an important milestone after much CAD fiddling!


Älgen progress update

23 Nov 2021 - 3d printing, älgen, fusion 360, jigs

Progress for my new guitar design: testing how to mount 3D prints on wood, and making a start on shaping the walnut that I'll use for the main body.


Corvette Catchup

21 Oct 2021 - cnc routing, fusion 360, purpleheart, the corvette

Corvette Catchup: an update on the corvette guitar build, with a deep dive on the custom build bridge I've made for it.


Updates on my Älgen guitar design

4 Oct 2021 - 3d printing, älgen, dying, jigs, nylon, templates

Updates on my Älgen guitar design: getting some actual wood, experiments in dying 3D prints, and designing some hopefully correctly complicated jigs.


A week in the shop

20 Sep 2021 - carving, inlays, neck

Swapping theory back for practice to remind myself why I build guitars.


Pushing forward the design of the new guitar

2 Sep 2021 - 3d printing, älgen, dying, fusion 360

Pushing forward with the new guitar design: sweating the details of how to put it together, and getting help from the maker community with how to dye 3D printed parts.