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Workshop Catch-up: Verkstaden

15 Feb 2024 - painting, spraying, verkstaden

Continuing the catch-up series: Verkstaden goes through the process of getting a gloss finish, and I end up making some costly mistakes along the way.


A photo of a work-in-progress guitar on the workbench, surrounded by tools and sanding pads. The guitar has a maple neck with a rosewood fretboard and 21 frets, and the body is a bright yellow stain on birds-eye maple on the front, with black and natural wood sides. There are holes in the body for components, but all are missing.

Workshop Catch-Up: Hästen

9 Feb 2024 - hästen, painting, spraying

Continuing the catch-up series: this week a look at the trials and progress in the first guitar I've painted rather than stained, and how it's all finally starting to come together.


On the workbench sits a work-in-progress guitar, with just the painted-body and neck in position. The body is in the style of a Fender Mustang offset guitar and is painted a pale blue, and the neck is made from birds-eye maple and finished in oil.

A Month in and Out the Shop

17 Jul 2023 - 3d-printing, älgen, amsterdam, carving, hästen, liverpool makefest, spraying

A catch-up on the work leading up to Liverpool Makefest, and how the event itself went, plus I find the largest 3D-print I've ever seen in Amsterdam afterward.


A photo of a set of tables made up to display my Älgen hybrid built guitar (part wood, part 3D-printed), with examples of prototype parts, wood off cuts, and an amplified ready to let people try it out.

A Week in the Shop

17 Jun 2023 - älgen, carving, hásten, laser-cutting, neck, spraying, verkstaden

The race is on to get Älgen ready for Liverpool Makefest, I dodge a knot as I carve Hästens neck, and I say who needs scissors if you have a laser-cutter?


A view of the 3D-printed lattice-work guitar body in the spray booth ready to be sprayed.

A Week in the Shop

10 Jun 2023 - älgen, blues deluxe, electronics, fretwork, hästen, inlays, lacquer, noel gallagher, spraying

A busy week in the shop: getting ready to spray a 3D-printed guitar body; learning to use metal rods for dot-inlays on a neck; and when copper insulation goes rogue inside a guitar.


A selfie of me in the spray booth, wearing all my PPE (respirator, eye-protectors, goggles), and behind is the over-exposed 3D-printed body of a guitar ready for spraying with lacquer.