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A Week in sources of inspiration

19 Mar 2023 - chuncaster, inspiration, jazz, paul reed smith, pickups, podcasts, prs, straps, wuthering bytes

Pausing my regular workshop updates this week to look at something that's been on my mind of late: sources of inspiration and motivation, and how to channel that into my guitar building.


My brother on stage at King Tut's Wah Wah hut singing into a mic whilst holding a PRS guitar

A week out the shop

3 Sep 2019 - fuzz, kicad, OSHCamp, talks, Wuthering Bytes

This week I've been up to Hebden Bridge, presenting at Wuthering Bytes conference, and taking part in the Open Source Hardware Camp.


I am presenting to a crowded room, showing the audience somethinb about the guitar I'm holding, in front of a slide titled 'From Frets to Amplifiers'