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A Week in the Shop

15 Apr 2023 - 3D printing, amp, esp32, fret work, motor, pickups, staining

The old amp I built gets a new lease of life, I spend some quality time doing fret-work on a new neck, a bit looking at wood stains, and baby steps are made on my pickup winder.


I'm stood next to the workbench with a blue guitar amp on it, and I have a guitar plugged into the amp for testing purposes. I'm staring at the amp as I play.

A Week in the Shop

26 Mar 2023 - älgen, design, ESP32, pickups, verstaden

Fixing up the details on my älgen guitar build, remodeling an in-progress older build to have a fresh new look, and I curse generally about letting electronics back into my life.


The bottom end of the wooden core of älgen has a copper-tape covered cavity with all the wiring in. To close this off, there is a laser-cut cover made from frosted-translucent orange acrylic. The cover has my initials, MWD, etched into it, along with 'Älgen Prototype 1'

A Week in sources of inspiration

19 Mar 2023 - chuncaster, inspiration, jazz, paul reed smith, pickups, podcasts, prs, straps, wuthering bytes

Pausing my regular workshop updates this week to look at something that's been on my mind of late: sources of inspiration and motivation, and how to channel that into my guitar building.


My brother on stage at King Tut's Wah Wah hut singing into a mic whilst holding a PRS guitar

A week in the shop

2 Jun 2019 - metalwork, pickups, thicknesser, training, wirign

The recovery-offset enters the final phase of the build process, we order a wood thicknesser for Makespace, and I get trained on a metal mill.


A striking blue electric guitar with a red tort pickguard and maple neck sits on the workbench as it undergoes final tweaking.