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A Week in the Shop

4 Jun 2023 - finishing, hästen, makefest, neck, staining, vertstaden, yellow

More progress, setbacks, and progress this week as I push on with the neck I'm building, and I make the most wonderful yellow guitar top.


A guitar body sits on the workbench. It has a maple cap, and is stained a deep yellow colour.

A week in and out the shop: Liverpool Makefest edition

4 Jul 2022 - älgen, makefest

The race against the clock to get Älgen ready for Liverpool Makefest, and some notes from what was a great show.


A week in the shop

19 Jun 2022 - älgen, delfin, makefest

Pondering what I want to communicate at Liverpool Makefest; getting Älgens fretboard ready for fretting; and I award myself a B for my first binding effort.