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Two Weeks Out the Shop

21 May 2023 - älgen, amp, ef1, esp32, holiday, jazz, liverpool makefest, pickup winder

A brief holiday break interrupts our normal schedule, and I have some success with analog electronics and failure with digital electronics.


The open chassis of the valve amplifier sits on a workbench, next to which sits a multimeter and a fresh cup of tea.

A Week Out the Shop

4 Feb 2023 - 3d printing, bhm, blues deluxe, ef1, freecad, generative art, gibson, laser cutting, sister rosetta tharpe

I have some fun 3D printing a prototype of my new bridge design and fitting it to my daily player for testing, I start learning FreeCAD, and I spent some time listening to Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the under-appreciated inventor of rock-and-roll.


The 3D printed bridge mounted on the guitar with strings running over it. In the background you can see the floor and my pedal board, telling you that this is now being used!

A Week in the Shop

8 Aug 2022 - älgen, delfin, ef1, inlays, setup and repair

A mixed set of activities in the workshop this week, as I worked on three guitars: trying to move one through the last stages of a build, getting another through the early stages, and a final one that's in for some setup TLC.


The first Electric Flapjack guitar is complete

31 Jul 2016 - ef1, telecaster

After a couple of months of effort, I’ve finally finished building my first guitar!


A denim blue t-style guitar sits on the workbench, with a pearloid white pickguard sporting a chrome-capped humbucker. No strings or controls yet added, this is an in-progress shot.