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A Week in and Out the Shop

8 Oct 2023 - delfinen, makespace, staining, talks, westfield

Troubles with staining guitar bodies, sperlunking an old guitar's electronics, and I give a talk to on guitar design and 3D-printing to a local CAD user group.


A photo of me holding my Älgen wood and 3D-printed guitar in a cluster of onlookers. I look like I've escaped from a 70s edition of the open university programs.

A Couple of Weeks in the Shop

1 Oct 2023 - Delfinen, Hästen, Laser-etching, Logo, Painting, Verkstaden, Westfield

A lot going on in the workshop as I try to push the three ongoing guitar builds towards finishing, and I get re-united with the instrument that is somewhat responsible for all this.


A close-up of three headstocks, with my signature and guitar's name laser etched into the headstock.