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A Week Out the Shop

26 Feb 2023 - archtop, bhm, cad, delfin, fusion 360, rendering, templates, verkstaden

A week spent paying off some CAD debt to fuel the workshop time, and a look at another builder of some amazing archtop guitars.


A 3D render of my älgen guitar design, which has a central wooden core that starts as the neck and continues the full length of the body, and then has a 3D printed latice either side where the guitar body would usually be.

A week out the shop

23 Feb 2020 - ableton live, CAD, design

A week spent mostly on CAD work as I try to come up with a new guitar design that is my own.


The CAD model of a guitar. It is a solid body electric guitar design, with an arched top, and two pointy curved upper horns to provide access to the higher frets. There is a small pickguard in the middle that houses two P90 pickups, and there are three control knobs.

An xmas weeknotes

31 Dec 2018 - cad, CNC-routing, necks, scarf joint

A week mostly out the workshop, but I spend some time looking at guitar neck designs and trying to figure out how they might be made.


A CAD model of a guitar neck, but rather than round inlay dots it has little video game style arrows.

A week in the shop

18 Feb 2018 - 12-string, amp, cad

Week notes time again: some more work on the amp, a new programmable pedal arrives, and exciting news on new builds!


Bits of paper on a workbench, one of which is a hand drawn schematic for an amplifier, and the second is a printed schematic for the amp's turret board.

Fretboard design generator

1 Dec 2017 - cad, cnc routing, fretboard, javascript, laser cutting, maker, open source

A look at a tool I've made and open sourced to help you design and make fretboards for your guitars.


A screenshot of a fretboard editor in a browser. Shows a diagram of a fretboard, and controls that let you set things like scale-length, how many frets, inlays etc.