• Name: The Phoenix Offset
  • Body: American Ash, stained electric blue with an oil finish
  • Neck: Maple neck with a birds-eye maple fretboard
  • Neck Pickup: House of Tone Bronco pickup
  • Bridge Pickup: House of Tone Bronco pickup
  • Hardware: Vintage style tuners, Hipshot hardtail bridge
  • Wiring: 4-position rotary to give series and parallel configurations in addition to individual pickup access

The Phoenix offset arose from a series of learnings as I grew as a builder. Working on The Clydesdale build was tougher than I expected, with CNC machines failing on me in multiple ways, but not to be deterred I used this as a way to level up as a wood worker, doing much more by hand than I had on any prior build, making this guitar a special one to me, and something that will inform how I build guitars from here on.

Visually this is also a stunning guitar, with the electric blue finish having many shades to it, matched by a beautiful vibrant pick-guard that reflect coppery light through clouds of red. Tonally, the House of Tone Bronco pickups, wired with both series and parallel configurations on tap, give a broad sonic palette that goes from surf to heavy strat tones.